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    Welcome the the player report section of RZoneNetwork!

    Here you report a player by copying the template and fill it in, in a new thread.
    This template is required in order for a staff member to take your report seriously and by the information given we can decide whether the player commit an offense or not.
    Make sure when you fill in the template you describe the issue as clear and compact as possible.

    The template:
    Name of reported player:
    Date of the offense:
    Game mode the player broke a rule:
    Describe the offense:
    How does this effect the server or players:
    Proof of the offense:
    Screenshot for chat related reports
    Video proof required for Hackers!

    What punishment do you suggest:

    We hope you will take in consideration that we do not tolerate any false reports. If you do report a fake report you have to deal with the consequences! We hold a 0 tolerance policy and hold the right to deny your report without sufficient proof given.

    We hope you will have a blast at RZoneNetwork!
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