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    Welcome to the information topic of RZoneNetwork.

    First of all we are very happy to have you!
    We as a small group of friends with all their own specialty have gathered to create in our view a new approach to what we think is most fun and enjoyable for you as a player!

    We are experienced with almost every game mode but we do have our personal favorite(s).
    Me and the team created most of the builds on the server our self or have modified pre-builds to match the standards we try to achieve.
    We have managed to open RZoneNetwork with 3 months of preparing, testing, investing, creating and much more. Therefore we are open to feedback of any kind.

    We really want you to be a part of the future of RZoneNetwork!
    You as players decide what happens to the server.

    Do you have ideas, suggestions, remarks or just want to share your opinion? You can always post on the forums in the correct section or send a Private Conversation to a staff member.

    We are a fun team that wants to give the (coming)community a new way of playing by adding special and unique features with a highly active staff team to provide you support or just someone to talk with.

    We strive to solve issues, bugs or any other problem as soon as we can. Provide a clear description with proof if needed in the correct topic.

    Also we will not use any donation for personal use. We promise you that any amount donated will be fully invested to make the server better in any way possible.

    I personally hope to see you around in game and have a blast with all of you!
    Make sure you keep an eye out on the forums! We might release a new game mode soon.
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